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Working with Finance of America was an amazing experience for purchasing our new home. Ricky took time to educate us on the terms and numbers of purchasing a home and laid out options to help us choose the best loan for our goals. When my wife and I chose a home to put an offer on, they worked quickly to put together the final approval and worked out the difficult fine print details to make our loan work. We were kept in touch through the entire process and we felt comfortable to contact them with any question along the way. Lastly, we felt important; they knew us personally and we were not just a number.

Bryan L.

Devin Fahrner and Finance of America did a wonderful and honest job working with us in the purchase of our home. Devin was very considerate to all of our needs and set backs. I would highly recommend them to anyone getting ready to purchase a home. They came through in every area of the process from beginning to end. Thanks again.

Loraine G.

After a rocky start (no fault of F A M) everything went smooth. Ricky was very helpful

Dennis P.

Excellent work! Will recommend to everyone.

Ma Devi S.

A few years ago, I went through a divorce and my life changed. I moved into an apartment, and for the first time since I was a teenager, I found myself living alone. My children are grown with children of their own. The idea of purchasing a home was too daunting and I wasn't sure how to start. The first lender I talked with sent me a link and told me fill out all the blanks. Every time I tried to do it, the questions required me to look for more information and by the time I got back to my computer, my session timed out and all the previous data I'd entered was lost. I gave this several attempts, but finally just gave up. I asked the lender if she could meet with me to help me, but she said she didn't work weekends. I'm a teacher and I can't take days off simply to fill out a form.
Two more years went by. My real estate agent suggested I start looking for a house again, and this time assured me he had a lender that was willing to walk me through the process. We met at my agents office. I was told to bring tax forms and my paycheck stubs. When I arrived at the office, Devin Farner was there and I gave him my paperwork. He was so nice. He put all the information in his computer, asked me a few questions, and then told me he had enough information to get me pre-approved right then! Within an hour or so, I was off with my agent looking for a house.
Even before I found my house, Devin and his team was hard at work. Once I found my house, everything seemed to happen at once. I admit I was overwhelmed, but Robert, my agent, and Devin assured me everything was going to be just fine, and it was!
Tomorrow, movers are coming to move me from the apartment I've had for the past four years, to my own house. It's hard to explain how I feel. I'm overwhelmed. I'm not sure I've ever felt so cared for. Everyone seemed so willing to look out for me. It's still hard to believe I was able to buy a house, by myself. I'm very thankful to have had Devin and Rob work so hard for me.

Sheri Burke

Amy Herber exceed my expectations. Thanks to her I now Own a home!

Cinthia Sedano Hernandez

Amy is a fantastic lady! We came to her after dealing with a lender who couldn't be bothered to answer a single question we had and told us nothing that was going on. She not only made sure we knew exactly what was going on she eased all of our concerns along the way! We've already recommended her to all our friends and family and will continue to do so!. We love her so much! Many thanks to her and everyone who helped her help us get into our new home! We had a deadline to be out of our previous home and all of you made it happen!

Timothy Deschene

Amy is a wonderful person,hard worker,very sweet,and with a lot of patience,to guide and explain through the whole paper work.we had 2 good experience with Amy;helping us to buy a new home,and refinance. Amy is a blessing of God for mi ,and my family. And,YES, I,am happy to refer Finance of America Mortgage,and Amy Z. Herber,to my friends,and relatives;i,will continue looking for her excellent service.

Noemy Curiel

Amy was amazing to us. She helped us understand the process and was always so patient with us. We started this process over a year ago and she gave us all the info we needed to get our credit ready to qualify for a loan. Thank you for everything!

Lorena Hulse

As first-time home buyers, my husband and I didn't know what to expect with the purchase of a home. All we heard were horror stories about lending and the loan process. That is why we were so pleasantly surprised with our experience with Devin and his team. Everyone was so responsive and helpful, always willing to answer a call or email when we had questions, day or night. I couldn't have hand-picked a better team. We appreciate all the help the team gave us and are so grateful with the ease in which we were able to buy our dream home!
Thanks you Devin, Susanne, Dawn, and everyone else on the team! You guys are amazing!

Shayna Lopez

Awesome experience. I would refer Ricky to anyone!

Garrick Jacobi

Bob & Dianne was class Act, Knowledge &Very True helpful guide me!

Jerry Zamora

Bob Hancock with Finance of America in Boise was fantastic in leading us through the lengthy process of obtaining a home loan. He is knowledgeable, tenacious, and empathetic in handling every aspect of the confidential information he is entrusted with. His attention to every detail along the way prevented any surprises at the closing. We were wholeheartedly impressed with Bob and are so happy we crossed paths and had the opportunity to work with him. I highly recommend Bob Hancock!

John Delaney

Devin and Susanne made this the easiest experience! I was 400 miles away the entire time prior to closing and their communication and attentiveness was second to none! I felt as if I was working with someone a couple of minutes away! Thank you again for everything!

Kristyn Lewelling

Devin and the finance america team are awesome. We struggled through a bad period in the housing downturn and ended up needing to rebuild our financial status patiently over the past few years. Devin began working with me a while back and helped keep us on track and provided us a great loan product when we were finally ready. He showed great professionalism and was constantly on task to navigate with us through the funding process. The entire team at the Eagle office was spectacular to us!!!

Ricky Sugiura

Devin F. Was very knowledgeable and helpful. He worked hard and answered any questions I had quickly. He definitely made me feel comfortable through the whole process

Dillon Downing

Devin Fahrner and his team at finance of America mortgage did an outstanding job. They went above and beyond the call of duty many times to make sure that I alone got funded not only on time but I had of time. We had a short timeline to get our home sold in our new home bought and it was almost impossible to synchronize this yet with Devoin's creativity and his team's hard work they made it happen. We are very grateful to them and would recommend finance of America mortgage to anyone who is seeking to have a whole lot done accurately and on time.

James Stephens

Devin is the best. Fantastic job.

David Watkins

Devin is truly an asset to your company. Communication was excellent. Devin is very well versed in the mortgage loan process and was great to work with.

Jeff Mauzy

Devin was amazing through all aspects. The only part that was frustrating was when Susanne took over the numbers kept changing for what we needed to close and with the holidays that was a bit frustrating but in the big scheme of things we understood they were trying to get us the best deal overall. All in all it was a great experience and Devin for sure went above and beyond answering any questions and guiding us through We are very greatful for all he did.

Daniel McIlhargey

Devin went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations

Deron Alexander

Devin's work is exceptional. I would be happy to work with him again if I ever need to. Will certainly refer him to everyone who is in need of help.

Ksenia Vlasova

Fantastic experience overall! I really enjoyed working with Ricky and look forward to doing business with him again.

Charles Mcmenomey

Finance of America Mortgage is a truly one of the most personable and professional companies I have ever worked with. My Mortgage Originator and Area Manager, Devin Fahrner, took the time and had the patience to get to know me. Yet at the same time, while working around my difficult work hours and the rural area I live in. Devin made the loan process extremely easy and very quick! If I find any family or friends looking for a mortgage. I highly recommend Finance of America Mortgage. Ask for Devin!

Cody Northrup

Great experience with all that I had in contact with at Finance of America. Everyone was very understanding as we went through a family tragedy. Susanne Schlador went above and beyond to make sure our loan kept on track. I will recommend to many others.

Victoria Chavero

He is very understanding and helpful in helping us get this loan. Would work with him again if I ever need too.

George Vrieling

I am a first time home buyer and I really didn't know what I was doing. After talking with my realtor Jeff Miller, he pointed me in Ricky's direction. I was hesitant at first because I didn't believe I would qualify and wasn't sure if all of this was legit. Ricky assured me that everything would be okay. After he crunched the numbers he told me that we did qualify. I still didn't really know what I was doing and he basically took my wife and I by the hands and guided us through the process step by step. Ricky was very professional, pleasant, friendly, and knowledgeable. When ever I had questions, he was always there to help. Ricky and his team made our first time home buying experience easy and pleasant. I cannot thank them enough. I will more than likely use them again and will definitely refer them ton others. Thank you again for all the hard work you did for us. Thank you for your friendly hospitality and warm smiles you gave us. I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday.

Shawn Carrico

I am ecstatic about the loan process I experienced with Bob Hancock. I haven't had to take out a mortgage for 15 years and was expecting it to be so much scarier and stressful. Bob was so wonderful to work with, making me feel very comfortable, explaining every last detail, and keeping me abreast of where we were at at every phase. I will absolutely refer my family and friends to Bob and Finance of America.

Tonya Fisher

I couldn't be more thankful to have worked with Devin, he was kind and patient through the entire process. He had no problem explaining things to me in multiple ways and bending over backwards to help me figure out what was best for me. He made this process wonderful and I would recommend him to everyone I know!

Payton Warner

I loved working with our broker Amy. She was very caring and went out of her way to make sure my family has a home. Thank you.

Michelle Andresen

I was practically falling out of a deal because another lander did a bait and switch on me, increased my rate by 1% and also wanted me to spend additional $15k to close for necessary items. Ricky worked overtime and very diligently to do his research, provide options, and engaged to save the day. The team was super detailed and professional. I was never wondering about the process or where we are. Everything was done as scheduled and without any surprises.

Vyacheslav Khabovets

I would just like to say that Devin was very professional and very understandable when it came down to the loan details. He just made this whole process easy and simply answered every question that we had encountered through the way. Excellent person to work with!

Mayra Ortiz

It was a pleasure working with Marty Flichel. He was always available when I needed him and did everything to make the process go quickly and efficiently and didn't contact me too much that I was bothered by it.

David Cooper

Marty was so easy to work with. He really worked for us and wanted us to get the best rate and have a great experience in the process. He gave "old school" customer service. Was easy to reach and very timely in his replies, he was also very attentive and proactive. His upbeat positive and professional (yet casual) approach made us feel like we were working with an old friend. We highly recommend Marty and will use him again!

Martin Baird

My husband and I enjoyed everything minute working with Devin and his team. They made our first time home buying experience and wonderful one.

Carrissa Hernandez

Navigating financing for a new home, especially as an out-of-state buyer, can feel like an overwhelming task. Devin made this process easy for me. He has been a master at multi-tasking. He and his team stayed in constant communication regarding the process, and what paperwork they needed from me. Devin was easy to reach and followed up quickly on my questions. Overall, I had an excellent experience with Devin as he coordinated everything from the beginning to the end. I always felt like I was in good hands with him, and I would easily refer anyone to him. I am so grateful that my realtor referred him to me.

Linda Brown

Ricky Catalano is by far the best person to work with. Ricky goes above and beyond to get you the best rate and explains every step of the process.


Ricky Catalono got things done I didn't think were possible,his professionalism and hard work helped make my dream come true thanks Ricky Catalono for the hard work you do and never gave up on my purchase

Michael Davis

Ricky is always a pleasure to work with. Very genuine, always on top of it, and available whenever I needed assistance/consultation. This was a very stress free purchase!

Alexandria Allen


Dawn Juker

Thanks to the whole Fahrner Team as they all were awesome!

Bradley Fewkes

The entire Finance of America Team was exceptional. They were dedicated to my success and timeline expectations. In particular, Devin and Taylor understand the industry. They inherently combine business acumen with common sense. From my experience in the home-buying arena, you want a fierce competitor in a suit. Devin and Taylor treat their clients with respect and fight hard for their hopes and dreams.

Anthony Ghinazzi

The team at Finance of America made the stressful process of buying a home easy! They worked with us every step of the way to ensure we had all the proper documents needed and kept in touch on dates and time frames. If any issue came up they were to quick to solve it with no delay in our closing date. For having a lot of hands in the pot between financing, realtors, buyers, and sellers, they communicated very well to everyone what needs to be done and by when. If you're looking for quick turnaround time, answers to questions promptly, and friendly service, I would highly recommend Finance of America. Don't wait for the mainstream banks to "get around to it". Go with the company that is going to work for you and truly earn your business. Thank you Finance of America for the great experience!

Corey Mccombs

These guys made it very fluid and easy. I would recommend them to anybody!!!

Tucker Barker

We have been Ricky Catalano's cliens for a long time. We work with him because Ricky is a great man, very honest, helpful, trustful, and he has outstanding customer service. Thank you Ricky for the informative and helpful experience.

Regards, Arsim & Lumnije Maliqi

Arsim Maliqi

Wendy Atkinson went above and beyond in a way we didn't think was possible. My wife and I have an amazing home to start raising our family in thanks to her hard work and diligence. We are so grateful for her and the team at finance of America!

Bradley Opper

When I decided to purchase a home, I had no idea where to begin and what to expect. I was told it's a lengthy, stressful process. Upon first meeting with Devin Fahrner, I was immediately put at ease with what was expected from me and what to expect from the house buying process. Devin was excellent in communication. I would send him an email after hours, not expecting a response until the next day, but he would answer my email anyways. No question was too silly and he went above and beyond to make sure I understood everything that was going on. Devin is knowledgeable, patient, kind, and professional. I have already recommended Devin and Finance of America Mortgage to family and friends!

Jennifer Longoria